Pre-Teen Company Dance Team

Company level teams are an intense dance program aimed at preparing dancers for future lives on competition teams in high school and beyond. Attendance is crucial to maintaining body strength, flexibility, and sound dance technique. Practice at home is required to learn all material, choreography, and to perfect techniques learned during class. Students who struggle keeping up with the rigorous schedule or do not wish to pursue dance in high school or beyond may be asked to participate in our Pre-Teen 3 group.

Required Skills

  • Pre-Teen 3 Skills
  • Proficient Leaps & Turns
  • Solid Triple Pirouette (Working on Quadruple)
  • Multiple Fouette Turns
  • Switch Tilts
  • Lame Duck
  • Back Leaps
  • All Required Flexibility Skills
  • Age

    10 - 13 yrs old

  • School Grades

    5th - 7th

  • Skill Level

    Intermediate / Advanced

  • Core Classes

    Jazz (2 hrs), Ballet (2 hrs), Contemporary, Turns, Technique (2 hrs)

  • Core Hours / wk


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