Boys Hip-Hop Dance Team

Course Description

This course is a boy specific hip-hop class. It is geared toward boys’ unique abilities for tricks and movement.

Depending on enrollment, this class may or may not be a part of a dance year. We require 8 students for a class to remain for the dance year, or the studio reserves the right to either combine or cancel until enrollment increases.

This may or may not be a competition class. It will depend on enrollment and desires of parents in conjunction with the studio

Course Attire

Dancer should wear looser fitting clothing that allows movement.

Some form of athletic, high-top, or tennis shoes should be worn.

  • Age

    5 - 13

  • School Grades

    1st - 8th

  • Skill Level

    Novice / Beginning

  • Core Classes

    Hip Hop

  • Core Hours / wk

    45 mins - 1 hour

Local Motion Dance Studio

3668 West Skye Drive (9800 South)
Ste C-1
South Jordan, UT 84009

 (801) 597-9466

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