Dress Code

Dress Code

All students need to come to class prepared to dance. All dancers should always have hair in a bun.

Required Dancewear

Pre-school classes can come to class in any style leotard and tights that they wish to wear.

All other students are required to come to class in black spanky shorts, tan footless or convertible tights, a black fitted tank or camisole leotard and a black sport bra (if needed). For ballet classes, a black tank or camisole leotard, sport bra, and tan tights only. (no shorts or baggy shirts)

Hip-Hop Classes may attend class in t-shirts and warm-up pants or sweats.

Required Footwear

  • Jazz – Tan Leather Technique Turners
  • Acro – No shoes
  • Lyrical/Contemporary – Tan Leather Technique Turners
  • Pre-school Tap – Black patent leather beginning style tap shoe
  • Tap Teams – Black lace up oxford style. (No pull on tap shoes). (Ask teachers if you are confused. Do not buy the patent leather beginning style shoes for level 2-4. Patent leather style is fine for non-competitive and level 1)
  • Hip-Hop - Any type of tennis shoe, but for performances, special shoes will be required as part of the costume. This is NOT included in the costume or team fees.
  • Pre-school Ballet – Black ballet shoes
  • Ballet – Pink canvas split sole technique shoes.
  • Pointe – Pink satin pointe shoes. You will need to go to a dance wear store that knows how to fit you for pointe shoes. We suggest Wright Costume & Dancewear, Inc. in Murray. Do not wear them until your teacher has told you if your shoes fit properly.
  • Tumbling - Your teacher will let you know what is required for that class.

Hair Code

All dancers with long hair MUST have their hair in a bun for all dance classes and competitions, unless specified in a newsletter for the exception. This is to help keep the facility more hygienic where possible.

For dancers with shorter hair, please have it neat and pulled back if possible.

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