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We provide a healthy, happy, safe environment for our students to be instructed in the art of dance.

At Local Motion Dance Studio, the team is as equally as important as each individual, and we try to help each dancer reach their individual potential while also helping the whole team progress.

Diane Hawker Owner/Director


Customer Love

Local Motion isn't just a place where your kids will learn the best technique. It is a safe place that builds great character. My girls have learned to work hard, respect their teachers and fellow dancers and to love the sport/art of dance. To say I'm grateful for Diane and her amazing staff is an understatement.

Local Motion is family.

Angie K.

Happy Dance Parent

If you are looking for more than just a dance studio, but also a supportive learning environment where your children will learn important life lessons under the direction of strong mentors, then I highly recommend Local Motion. Local Motion has provided my girls with opportunities to develop in talent and personal traits that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Luci A.

Happy Dance Parent

Dance Classes at Local Motion

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Local Motion is our dance family. We love them-they love our kids. It is the best possible environment to grow good dancers AND great kids.

Seth K.

Happy Dance Parent

Local Motion genuinely cares for their dancers! They want the best for them! They push each and every dancer to grow! No one gets left by the wayside!

Rebecca H.

Happy Dance Parent

Local Motion Dance Studio

3668 West Skye Drive (9800 South)
Ste C-1
South Jordan, UT 84009

  (801) 597-9466

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